Sneak Peek-Tessa and Rich get married at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel

Ritz Carlton-Barnet-Photography_12

We recently photographed Tessa and Rich’s wedding at the Ritz Carlton. They are a great couple! Here’s a sneak peek, more to come soon. In the mean time, enjoy!

Ritz Carlton-Barnet-Photography_02

Ritz Carlton-Barnet-Photography_01

Ritz Carlton-Barnet-Photography_03

Ritz Carlton-Barnet-Photography_04

Ritz Carlton-Barnet-Photography_05

Ritz Carlton-Barnet-Photography_06

Ritz Carlton-Barnet-Photography_07

Ritz Carlton-Barnet-Photography_08

Ritz Carlton-Barnet-Photography_09

Ritz Carlton-Barnet-Photography_10Ritz Carlton-Barnet-Photography_10Ritz Carlton-Barnet-Photography_11


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  • Toni Stphenson

    These photos are beautiful. Tessa and rich’s wedding ceremony and reception was a fairy tale come true. Everyone was impressed,

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