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We recently shot a lovely wedding at La Casa Del Camino in Laguna Beach. This is a historical landmark right next to the Pacific Ocean where Carol and Greg had a beautiful, intimate wedding. We enjoyed working with LanAnh of Mele Amore and Elevated Pulse on this beautiful day. The floral decor was done in shells by the Bride herself. Carol did such an incredible job. I especially love the blue limpet shells she used in her hair and the creative way she used shells as place card holders. We always like to find out a little about our brides and grooms. Each couple’s story is different and we love hearing the details, so we asked Carol and Greg a few questions and, with their permission, we share their story here with you.

How did you two meet?

Our friends set us up, one of whom officiated the wedding. There was one slight caveat. I, Carol, lived in Southern California and Greg lived in Northern California. Roughly 171 flights between SFO and SNA later, we are now married!

Tell us about the proposal. Did you see it coming? How long was it in the planning? How did you feel? nervous, excited, surprised?

Greg proposed to me in Maui on a family vacation celebrating his dad’s birthday. I did not see it coming at all since it was not meant to be a romantic trip for just the two of us. He proposed on the beach in Korean! I was so surprised and shocked I didn’t even realize he asked in Korean until he retold the story of how he proposed to his family.

What is the one thing that you love most about each other?

I, Carol, love how Greg is my “Calm”. I can be dancing circles around him and he will always be his sweet, smart, and thoughtful self, maintaining his composure and urge to keep me still (and quiet).

I, Greg, love that Carol likes all things that are small. Doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s small, she’s fascinated. But it’s also little things that make her so special. Little comments. Little efforts. Little touches. Little notes. I may have waited a little while to find the right person to share my life with, but I’m confident that the extra time was worth it!
If you feel comfortable, share something silly or quirky about the other person.
Carol: Greg puts all Asians in their place when it comes to spicy food.
Greg: I have learned to never be surprised at the strange things Carol asks and says. I have a whole list of them.
What inspired your decor or theme?
Having a wedding by the beach, I wanted shells to be the main theme, specifically starfish. The first time Greg visited me in So Cal was in Laguna Beach, and when we were walking by the water, we saw a huge fuchsia colored starfish.
Thanks so much for your wonderful story, Carol and Greg! Here are a few favorite images from the day…
What a great idea! Shells with silk flowers and magnets instead of pins.
Carol wanted to be able to dance all night, so she chose a pair of beautiful Born flats.
Perfect for a Laguna Beach wedding!
Carol has such a creative flair with her unique bouquets.
Here is the main restaurant at La Casa Del Camino transformed into a lovely private dining room.
The food there is fantastic!!
So instead of a cake, Carol and Greg opted for lots of yummy Sprinkles cupcakes and mini bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes.
Ok folks, so this is where I got “Dance Bombed”. A total shocker, and Joe couldn’t let this one go without some unforgettable photos!
We wish Carol and Greg all the best in their new life together!




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